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Demand Baseline Pre-processing

Synthetic sales data generation for stock-out and promotional periods, resulting in improved forecast accuracy.

Based on a combination of artificial intelligence models and statistical methods.

No disruption plugin into existing supply chain and forecasting systems (e.g. Oracle, SAP, Nav).


Demand baseline accuracy improvement

Artificial intelligence based solution. Predicting customer demand at SKU-store-day level from historical sales volume data.

Significant MAPE reduction compared to the traditional providers.

SKU changes and new SKU introduction

Automated identification of similar products, small changes in product weight or product ID, generating data ready to go into the existing forecast systems.

Assistance with newly introduced product sales forecast.

Our Offer

  • Safety stock reduction

Up to 10% safety stock reduction leading to working capital savings.

  • Product waste control

Improved forecast accuracy leading to shrinkage reduction.

  • Time saved to group SKUs

Automated matching of similar SKUs to reduce time spent doing manual mapping.