Our Offer

  • Easy Systems Integration

Connect to existing systems, such as Oracle Retail Demand Forecast or SAP F&R.

  • Price Per Impact

Our pricing is consistent with the improvements achieved.

  • Quantifiable Results

Our solution results in up to 10% planning system accuracy improvement.

Our products


Demand Baseline  Pre-processing

Infilling and adjusting your historical sales data to account for outliers, stock-outs and promotional periods. 

Uses a combination of neural network trained models and statistical methods.

Seamless plugin into the existing supply chain and forecasting systems without any disruption.

Achieved 10% planning accuracy improvement.


Demand baseline accuracy improvement

Artificial intelligence based solution.

Predicting future sales by SKU by Store at daily level from your unadjusted historical data.

Significant MAPE reduction compared to the traditional providers.


Promotional Forecasting & What if Analysis

Improve your stock holding forecasts at store-SKU level for upcoming promotions with our state of art machine learning based algorithms.

Simulate promotional campaign and price change impacts at store and company levels for specific SKUs and SKU baskets.

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