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Python / Machine Learning Engineering Lead

What we offer:

  • Exciting and thrilling startup environment, with the opportunity to reduce waste in shops globally

  • Work on state of art machine learning / deep neural network applications replacing flawed data with synthetically generated high fidelity data

  • Flexible work arrangement, with options for remote work

  • Access to mentors and online training resources through our participation in the Data Pitch and Nvidia Inception programmes

  • Competitive package with a generous equity compensation and salary

  • Rapid career progression


What we are looking for in you:

  • Key skills:

    • You are experienced with Python and can demonstrate intermediate-advanced pandas library knowledge, familiarity with numpy

    • You’re passionate about machine learning and programming

    • You have experience building predictive/classification models, you have some knowledge of Keras and TensorFlow libraries

    • You can efficiently apply automated testing techniques; you’re comfortable with git and docker

    • You're a team player, but you can independently take charge

    • You hold a degree in Math, Statistics and/or Computer Science

    • You have good communication skills and you speak fluent English

  • Desirable skills:

    • You're able to implement distributed calculation solutions on cloud hosted clusters

    • You know SQL


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